VARIA is the result of a two-year residency in De Kringwinkel (a well-known secondhandcompany in Antwerp) in collaboration with Lokaal 01. It consisted of guided tours inside the central warehouse of De Kringwinkel, an exhibition and a publication by four artists: Berten Jaekers, Liesje De Laet & Valérie de Ghellinck and Sofie Van der Linden.

The work of Sofie Van der Linden included drawings which where based on the way De Kringwinkel categorizes items they receive. These drawings came together in the publication 'Een catalogus'. During the guided tours, Van der Linden presented an installation on wooden panels with paraphernalia in an alphabetic order. Three CD-players played simultaneously recordings of two voices who declare the objects alphabetically.

(varia - march 2016)



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